Ruby on Rails
The Arkency team was both supportive and professional, answering to very individual requests, but as well advising what makes most sense and which solutions are most effective.
Katarzyna Szajda, director of UNESCO Initiatives Centre

Let us introduce ourselves

Arkency was founded in 2007 and since then it gathers the finest Ruby programmers, who know Ruby on Rails framework intimately. With base located in the center of Wroclaw, PL, we deliver our work internationaly, sharing our passion for good code and professionalism with others.

Things we do

Our job relies on developing excellent Ruby on Rails applications, like social networks apps, Facebook apps, mobile backends, CMS etc.
However, our most important task is to create the most satisfying and user-friendly web applications our clients need.

Our essential merits

We cooperate with our clients in very friendly, stress-free atmosphere on every stage of developing an application. Our products are solid, written in a clear way, heavily tested and delivered to customers on time and within the budget.